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Customized High Speed Connectors Case:Heat Sink for SFP+
                             Customized High Speed Connectors Case

/ Available with customer’s height limitation

/ Stabilized of environment temperature and
transfer ability by this structure

/ 100% R&D design

/ Tooling modification

/ Good mechanical design for thermal solution


The customer S*** requires SFP+ 1x3 and 1x4 cages with heat sink because the wind is available to pass by their system design, but in another side they also have a height limitation, so we can’t support by our regular heat sink and need to design a lower structure to fit their space requirement.

During several times of confirmation with customers by their structure design, we found there will be an available space at the back of cages and wind flow will pass in this area fluently, so we have an idea that the length extended from cage back might be able to increase its thermal ability.

Finally, a new design of heat sink has generated by Nextron team, an extremely lower and back extended structure showed to through the cage back and conduct the thermal from transceiver all the way to back side, the thermal quality improved by this way and satisfied by our customer.


Extend heat Sink through
the cage back
A new design of lateral clip to
lock this heat Sink

The following tools are used to simulate a working environment for 30 minutes and different parts of customized cage are used as measuring points. We have set 2.0 W per port by our customer request(1.0 to 1.5W for SFP series normally) to confirm its thermal ability with wind flow available system.

Although the final temperature confirmation is higher than 1.0 or 1.5W during this testament, but we found a very good performance of heat dissipation by this extended design.

The temperature of the heat source(T2) of SFP+ 1x4 cage with heat sink is much lower than that of SFP+ 1x4 cage without heat sink. The difference can reach 19.3°C

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