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Customized HeatSink Solutions

The New Heat Sink Option – Graphene Coating

Generally, common heat sinks utilize conduction and convection for heat dissipation in order to avoid thermal shutdown. Standard type is column heat sink. However, in response to different customer's demand, Nextronics dedicates to establish thermal technology from material, software simulation, test ability, product design to tool-up to solve all kinds of customized heat sinks.

Although bigger heat sink has fairly good heat dissipation effect, it requires likewise larger work space. Therefore, Nextronics is promoting a new graphene coating technique that not only satisfies more working conditions, but also boosts the heat dissipation performance. The graphene coating heat sink or cage is suitable to work in environment without fan or ventilation through thermal radiation. Especially, the graphene coating will not cause any space issues to the devices.

Graphene Features

  • So far the thinnest and lightest material on earth due to its honey-comb structure
  • Available in all kind of environment
  • Occupies less space and is lighter than standard heat sink
  • Available to all types of cages since electrical conductivity can be controlled
  • Good heat dissipation efficiency. Thermal conductivity is 5300, 22 times as high as the thermal conductivity of aluminum; radiation rate can be as high as 0.99: According to testing result, graphene cage has better heat dissipation capability than standard cage. (Click to play the video)

Experiment Procedure

The following tools are used to simulate different environment and compare the performances of graphene cage and standard cage. As a result, with the same control factors, graphene cage has lower temperature than standard cage by 3 to 5 Celsius, proving its effective heat dissipation.

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