High-Speed Signal Transmission

The demand for high-speed data transmission is increasing rapidly because of cloud computing, the Internet of Things(IIoT), big data, AI technology, etc. Besides the pursuit of speed, security and reliability are essential for signal transmission.
To meet the new demands arising from the rapid development of technology, Nextron has been developing new products including high-speed I/O connectors, circular connectors, and backplane connectors, which are applied to high-speed data centers, IIoT and Internet of Vehicle(IoV), etc. by integrating the patented technology, domain know-how and capabilities of simulation and verification accumulated over the past 30 years.
Design and Simulation
Our high-speed products are designed to comply with EMI and EMC standards and incorporate cross-industry capabilities across a variety of connector types to provide customers with cost-effective solutions by optimizing technology and product specifications continuously.
To ensure that the connector design for high-speed transmission meets signal integrity requirements, Nextron utilized techniques such as bending, hollowing, and 360° shielding designs to prevent EMI and avoid internal signal interference with surrounding electronic devices. Thus, we can effectively address issues such as impedance matching, signal delay, insertion loss, return loss, and crosstalk.
CST Studio Suite is equipped with 3D full-wave electromagnetic analysis and simulation software, which can be used for numerical simulation of system-level or partial components, to simulate antennas, circuits, electromagnetic temperature, and high & low frequencies, and to develop solutions in the frequency domains and time domains.
Schematic of CST Studio Suite simulation data
The Joint Laboratory for High-Speed Connections with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) has adopted the PNA-X network analyzer with frequencies of 26.4G and 67GHz to test the electrical parameters and material measurements of its products. This collaboration continues to create breakthroughs in the field of high-speed transmission.
N5247A-PNA-X 4-Port Network Analyzer
1. High-Speed Connector
Nextron has gradually developed technology from 100G, 200G to 400G through independent R&D, design, and manufacture, making continuous breakthroughs towards 800G.
Our high-speed products cover SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28, QSFP56, and other series, all following the industry MSA standard specification. Currently, QSFP modules have progressed to 400G which are backward compatible, serving as a stepping stone towards 800G (QSFP112) communication.
To avoid the threat of high temperature to stability and safety, we continue to integrate high thermal conductivity materials, customized heat sink fins, and liquid cooling solutions to solve 15 watts or even higher power consumption for a single channel.
2. Circular Connector
Nextron’s circular high-speed connectors have been applied in IIoT, automotive high-speed communication, and advanced medical technologies to provide image and signal transmission. For example, GMSL high-speed signal transmission has developed from 1.5G, 3G to 6G bandwidth, which can easily transmit streaming data of 8 megapixels of images.
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) specification is gaining more and more attention in industrial and automotive Ethernet. While meeting the IEEE and IEC specifications, our SPE connector series has already gained industry recognition, including 2-way/4-way versions,  covering transmission rates from 1G to 10G.
By utilizing the knowledge of materials and mechanical design accumulated, we continue to iterate our products, forge technical capabilities, and integrate high-speed transmission on a variety of circular connectors that not only have high-density signal configurations but adapt to harsh environments with the design of easy cleaning and multiple plugging.
3. Backplane Connector
As a member of PICMG, Nextron has had extensive R&D experience in backplane connectors for many years.
The well-known high-speed backplane connector brands include Amphenol's AirMax series and TE's Whisper series. AirMax reduces insertion loss and crosstalk through its unique design and achieves transmission speeds ranging from 12.5Gb/s to 25Gb/s. TE Whisper also provides products that meet high-bandwidth requirements and can be routed with four lanes.
Nextron started with backplane connectors, aiming to keep pace with international leading brands. With a dedicated high-bandwidth development team and full-process development capabilities, we are able to design low-crosstalk and high-bandwidth solutions that can support transmission speeds ranging from 28Gb/s to 56Gb/s in a cost-competitive procedure. 

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