Nextronics Engineering Corp. focus on Lean Production establishment and promotion system. From company philosophy, production organization, logistics control, quality management, cost control, inventory management, on-site management to on-site improvements, we establish a complete production management techniques and methods to achieve continuous improvement and waste reduction purposes, in order to provide customers more quickly favorable sales service.

For JIT(Just in Time), we implement Kanban management system, OPF(One Piece Flow) production system, pull demand management systems, and leveling production system to ensure balanced production and provide rapid response to  customer’s small and diverse needs.

For personnel autonomy, optimization with operator behavior and mechanical equipment will be integrated into the production process quality management. Proactive troubleshooting and problem solving become autonomous behavior of each employee, so that all work will be effective.

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  • High Speed Robot
  • High Speed Robot
  • High Speed Robot  
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