Nextronics designs and makes mold, die, assembly fixture & automated assembly machine in house. With its excellent tooling manufacturing equipments, Nextronics can respond quickly for the first article and mass production to the customers.

  • Milling Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • EDM
  • EDM
  • Processing Measuring


Insertion molding (over molding with automatic)
High temperature molding (melting temperature over 380℃ or 716°F)
Housing internal thread

  • Injection Mold
  • Fanuc Injection
  • Horizontal Injection
  • Demag Injection
  • Edex Vertical Injection
  • Multitech  Vertical Injection
  • On Line CCD Inspection



Compliant pin stamping Shell Stamping Shell cleaning Secondary processing, deep drawn Progressive Die

  • Progressive Die
  • Stamping Workshop
  • Brudere High Speed Punch
  • Kyori High Speed Punch
  • Jin Feng Low Speed Punch
  • Clean Tank



  • Japan / Star SR-10J
  • Japan / Star SR32J
  • Japan / Tsugami B124
  • Taiwan / WANG TZYY SL1693

  • +886-2-6616-2000
  • 2F, No. 31, Lane 169, Kang Ning Street, Hsi-chih District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
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