Major Issues

In accordance with the updated GRI Standards introduced by The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2021, Nextron has condensed its sustainability concerns into a comprehensive list of 17 topics. Nine unit managers, responsible for different areas, evaluated the potential positive and negative impacts of each topic on Nextron in the realms of economy, environment, and society.

Following internal deliberations, nine out of the 17 sustainable topics were identified as the key focus areas for this report. This selection process also serves as a reference point for reinforcing the company's sustainability policy and informing related operational planning efforts.

Major Issues Information Table
Governance Policy Target
Innovative products and services GRI 201, 416, 417 TCFD, COSO ERM
Corporate governance GRI 201 ISO 14067
Integrity management GRI 205
Regulatory compliance and risk management GRI 201, 307, 416, 417, 418, 419
Sustainable procurement management GRI 204, 308, 414
Environment GRIs International standards
Waste management GRI 301 ISO 14064
Water resource management GRI 303 ISO 14064
Climate change and energy management GRI 302 ISO5001, 14064, 14067, TCFD, SBT
Society GRIs International standards
Talent attraction and retention GRI 201, 202, 401, 404, 405, 408 SROI
Training and development GRI 404
Human Rights and labor relations GRI 402, 412
Occupational safety and health GRI 403
Social participation and feedback GRI 413

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