Communication Channels

Aside from engaging with stakeholders through various activities related to our daily operations, we have established specific email mailboxes to facilitate stakeholder feedback. The following communication channels are available:

Contact Persons for Stakeholders

Stakeholders Issues Contact Person
  • Employment relations, occupational health and safety, employee benefits, and retirement
  • Whistleblowing for unethical behavior
  • Email, telephone, labor-management meetings
  • Contact Person: Kevin Chen/ General Manager
  • Email:
  • Shareholders' equity
  • Operating performance
  • Email, telephone, the official website
  • 《Agent for Stock Affairs》
  • Capital Securities Corporation
  • TEL: 02-27023999
  • Fairtrade, green procurement, qualified products
  • Supplier management policy
  • Product information, sample request, inquiry for cooperation intention

Whistleblowing system

Our company has established a whistleblowing system to promote public interest and corporate responsibility. The system encourages reporting of misconduct, protects whistleblowers, and strengthens corporate governance. Reports can be submitted to a dedicated independent unit via a designated email address

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