High interoperability

High flexibility

Addressing different emergency situations

Years of experience in press fit we can provide suggestions on the crimping process.

One-stop service to assist customers in evaluating and designing crimping fixtures.

Our rapid proofing center provides customers with fast and diverse needs.

Optional for Production:

Press-fit Fixtures, 

Connector Extracting Fixture, 

PCB Test Pins, 

Pressure Sensitive Paper


Applicable to general non-dedicated fixture conditions for press-fit applications.

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positioning application
PCB Positioning Pin Type
Description positioning application PCB Positioning Pin Type Actions
PCB Support Block
PCB support block L173034TYGC000142P
PCB Support Pin
PCB support pin L173034TYGC000146P
Bottom Plate
Bottom Plate L173034TYGC000141P
PCB Positioning Pin
PCB Position pin L173034TYGC00**45P
PCB Support Block L Type
PCB support block L173034TYGC000143P
Placement Plate
Placement Plate L173034***********

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