Cooling Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, Nextron has been concentrating on the research and development of motor core techniques, which has given Nextron a vast clientele with a wide assortment of system experiences and cooling problem-solving abilities.

Nextron has been utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to customize the optimized cooling systems for our clients' latest concept commodities. From function, accessory shape, and cost, to perception of commodity experience, Nextron has been paying careful attention to meeting clients' particular goals and requirements.

Liquid Cooling Liquid cooling modules are highly effective for computer heat dissipation, utilizing components like water blocks and radiators. They achieve cooling efficiency 2 to 10 times greater than air-cooled systems, offering benefits such as reduced noise, rapid temperature reduction, and improved aesthetics.
3D VC 3D Vapor Chamber is a high-efficiency cooling technology that uses a vapor chamber to quickly conduct and dissipate heat. Through the processes of evaporation and condensation, it evenly distributes heat in three-dimensional space, performing better than traditional flat heat sinks. This design is suitable for high-density
Heat Sink As an expert in high-speed I/O design and manufacturing, Nextron excels in achieving efficient thermal solutions within limited chassis space. With our skilled team and comprehensive production line, we offer cost-effective, custom services. Beyond heatsink designs, our I/O solutions integrate advanced heat pipe or liquid cooling technologies. Contact us for tailored solutions to your unique cooling needs.
Heat Pipe Module Compared to a heat sink module, a heat pipe integrated with a heat sink provides more efficient cooling performance with lightweight. The heat pipe has high thermal conductivity, moving the high temperature of the heat source to the cooling end quickly to achieve satisfied heat dissipation performance. As the expert in chassis and I/O, Nextron can leverage heat pipe modules for compact systems or outdoor equipment. Welcome to see our reference cases and reach us directly for your ideal customization.
Vapor Chamber Vapor chamber can transport the heat to entire module. With high thermal conductance, it's easier to see how fast its themeral performance can be. For the application of high wattage. Essential for automotive and energy storage applications, it ensures performance and longevity by enabling rapid, uniform heat distribution.
Cold Plate Nextron provides a variety of customized cold plates, such as pipelining, integral, and tubed ones, with thicknesses as low as 3mm upon request. These cold plates are crucial for addressing thermal challenges and boosting operating performance in automotive and energy storage devices.

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