NXMed Series The Most Comprehensive Single-Use Medical Connector

09 May 2023

Nextron is renowned for its innovative connection solutions in the field of minimally invasive surgical devices, receiving high acclaim from leading companies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Particularly noteworthy are the NXMed series medical connectors designed for single-use endoscopes and cardiac catheters, which have been adopted by outstanding manufacturers worldwide.
With adherence to ISO 13485 standards, we leverage our multidisciplinary expertise to design optimal solutions for professional medical devices. Our NXMed series incorporates features such as high-resolution image transmission, high voltage capability, and high-density pin configurations, effectively meeting the connectivity requirements of advanced therapies.
The NXMed series accommodates up to 76 pins and offers a cost-effective solution by combining cables with imaging modules. This integration allows endoscopes, equipped with lenses and lighting systems, to transmit high-resolution image signals in real time, helping doctors to observe the patient's internal condition.
Suitable for various applications such as thoracic endoscopy, cystoscopy, laryngeal endoscopy, and uterine endoscopy, the NXMed series provides enhanced convenience and hygiene compared to traditional endoscopes, significantly reducing the risk of cross-infection.
Nextron's NXMed series is a turnkey cabling and connector solution, widely utilized in numerous clinical settings. We continuously integrate different technologies, including thinner cables and miniaturized CMOS modules, to meet the evolving demands of the endoscopy industry.
If you are looking for a cost-effective medical connector with multiple contact points, NXMed is your best choice.


NXMed Series: 
Next-Generation Medical Connector Realization
Contacts: 20-76 pin
Current: 0.5A/pin (Max 1.5A/pin by selected item)
Speed: Up to 10Gbps Max.
Avg. retention force: 20N min.
PCB Mating Cycle: up to 250 (Max 10,000 by selected item)
Connector Mating Cycle: 10,000
Locking Selections: Button lock; Easy break
Water proof: IP65+
Working temp: -10°C~+50°C
Sterilization Selections: EO/Steam/Alcohol/S-Clean
Housing: PSU/ PPSU / PC / LCP / PEEK
Contact: Cu Alloy, selective gold over nickel plating


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