High-Current Connectors for OBC Applications

26 May 2023

If you are looking for a board-to-board high-current connector specifically designed for OBC (On-Board Charger) applications, we have a unique solution for you. Nextron's high-current connector is engineered to connect MCPCB in OBC systems, DC-DC converters, and traction inverters, offering a robust structure and advanced electrical properties that enable efficient power transmission in compact spaces.
This connector stands out with several notable features, including up to 200A current capacity, stable crown spring connection, and adjustable contact length. Additionally, it excels in withstanding temperature raising, vibrations, and other mechanical stresses commonly encountered in automotive environments.
OBC design faces the challenge of shrinking mechanical space as a natural trend. With power requirements expected to reach 11 kW and even 22 kW in the future, managing current loading and temperature control becomes increasingly difficult. To address this, connectors with a crown spring structure allow for efficient vertical connections over the shortest distance. They are compatible with both DIP Type and Press Fit Type, facilitating assembly with MCPCBs.
Currently, Nextron's board-to-board high-current connectors are available in 10A, 40A, 100A, and 200A, etc., and can be adjusted according to the PCBA's requirements, including assembly methods such as DIP and Press-Fit, contact distance between boards, and the surface area of the PCB, providing OBC designers with the most optimal connection solution.
Power Elements
Besides board-to-board high-current connectors, Nextron provides the Power Elements series for battery management systems and electric vehicle inverters. The thread and pin configurations can be customized to your needs, supporting a current of up to 340A. Our product options include double-row right-angle type (with chamfer processing) as well as crimping techniques like double-row right-angle type, external threads, blind hole internal threads, and flat pin type. 
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