Two-Way Plug-In Head, Enhancing Micro-Mobility

02 Aug 2023

The micro-mobility industry has significantly expanded recently, with electric motorcycles, bikes, and scooters becoming standard for short-range travel. These vehicles are cost-effective, reduce traffic and emissions, and share micro-mobility services that have become essential across numerous countries in light of the focus on energy-saving policies.

Nextron just launched a new E-Bike Power Connector solution. We've created a battery exchanger that supports 90° and 180° plugging, compatible with various electric vehicle charging designs. This broadens its use cases and better caters to the needs for simplicity and lightweight design in micro-mobility.


Nextron emphasizes safety, lightness, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Our sought-after product maintains market competitiveness with its high-current resistance, bidirectional waterproof design, and gate blade structure that absorbs force from different plugging angles, ensuring durability.


As transport evolves towards electrification, 'replaceable battery technology' emerges as a sustainable solution. Nextron, a leader in micro-transportation, collaborates with premier brands to advance charging and battery swap solutions, aiding industry upgrades, energy-saving policies, and urban traffic improvement.

Whether you're an e-bike developer, micro-mobility designer, or battery module supplier seeking innovation, our unique plug-and-move design offers an unmatched solution.

• Rated Current: 20A
• Contact Resistance: <20mΩ max.
• Durability: >5,000 cycles
• Insertion and Extraction Forces: 50N Max.
• Retention Force: 3Kgf Min.
• Housing: PA66
• Contact: Copper Alloy, selective gold over nickel plating


Female: Battery Side
Male: Body Side

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