Aerospace Grade Connectors Play a Crucial Role in Commercial Drones

21 Apr 2023

As UAV technology continues to develop, the applications of drones are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to the well-known consumer drones, they are widely used in many fields such as national security, industrial inspections, scientific research, product delivery, etc., with high commercial value.
Drones used in transportation, industry, and the military require high payload and long endurance and must meet aerospace industry standards. For example, several logistics giants in the U.S. have invested in delivery drones that need to be equipped with powerful computing systems to cope with various weather and terrain conditions during transportation while using lightweight materials to improve the flight range and payload capacity. Furthermore, the limited time for maintenance is also a serious challenge to the design of the drone's internal components.
As one of the few AS9100-certified connector providers in the Asia Pacific, Nextron keeps applying its technologies and R&D capabilities to drone applications.
IGUANA series connectors offer many connectivity options in the limited space of a drone, including antenna signals, power connections, and high-speed data transmission. At the same time, IGUANA's design for disassembly facilitates maintenance and replacement.

The following is the catalog of the IGUANA series:

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