Nextron Unveils Revolutionary BESS Solutions

07 Nov 2023

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) are essential for managing energy, storing excess power, and maintaining a reliable electricity supply. The global BESS market is thriving, expected to reach USD 38.3 billion by 2032, led by Asia Pacific, particularly China and India, driving much of this growth.

What are the main uses of BESSs? They offer versatility in peak load management, cost-effective load shifting, and grid flexibility for businesses. Moreover, they enhance microgrid resilience and enable seamless integration of renewable energy sources for a stable electricity supply.

In response to the burgeoning BESS market, Nextron is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that align with the evolving needs of this dynamic industry.

Nextron's BESS Connection Solutions

Nextron provides meticulously designed components to enhance connectivity within BESSs. Our solutions cover critical aspects of energy storage, featuring a versatile modular design that scales from industrial to residential applications. This design includes individual storage modules, the overall system, and associated interfaces, including battery packs and BMS PCBs.

● BMS (Battery Management System) supervises the Battery Module, which incorporates Power Elements, Battery Modules, Terminal Blocks, and high-current connectors, enhancing functionality. It ensures balanced charging and discharging across individual cells and cell groups, promoting overall efficiency and performance.

● Battery rack Connection Technology involves the use of Busbar Connectors and the innovative Energy Storage Connector. These components play a vital role in connecting and optimizing the performance of battery racks, ensuring efficient energy transfer and management within the system.

These essential components collectively optimize power distribution, enhance system efficiency, and ensure secure connections within higher-level energy storage systems, which also include equipment such as fire sensors and electrical connections for remote charge and discharge control.

Energy Storage Connector

The Energy Storage Connector is a robust solution designed for energy storage systems operating at up to 1,500 V. Holding certifications like UL4128 and IEC61984, these connectors ensure reliability and safety.

They offer versatility with a wide range of current ratings, maxing out at 350A, and compatibility with two wire diameter specifications: 70mm² and 95mm², making them adaptable for various applications.

Installation is a breeze due to the non-directional insertion feature, providing 360-degree plug-and-play convenience. With a secure keyed locking mechanism, accidental disconnections are prevented. Safety is paramount, featuring built-in finger protection for added security during handling and usage.


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