Efficient Heat Dissipation Solutions for mmWave Radar

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Radar Heat Dissipation Reference Case

In the case with one of the largest SoM and SiP product supplier in the global market, Nextron successfully leveraged its understanding of antenna and heat dissipation design of mechanical parts to solve overheating issues of our customer’s mmWave radar box.

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) radar sensors plays a major role in ADAS of vehicles. Regarding mechanical design of radar boxes, one of the major challenges chipset manufacturers encountered is the severe heat dissipation problem due to high power consumption of the chipset. While keeping the temperature in a reasonable range, signal stability and the adaptability to outdoor environments of the radar box are also subjects that could not be overlooked.

Nextron’s Capability to Identify the Best Solution

With several years of heat dissipation design experience, our in-house simulation team provides several solutions with CFD software and identified the best method for our client. By choosing right metal and optimizing product structure, the final design lowers the temperature of the mmWave radar box effectively while ensuring stable signal.

Nextron successfully optimized client’s original module. Aside from solving overheating issue, the new design utilizes materials that are cost-efficient and waterproof.

Contact our support team for mechanical design solutions of mmWave radar box.

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