Management Team

Title Nationality Name Sex Experience / Education
Chairman/ CSO Republic of China Stephen Hsu Male
  • Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology/ Department of Telecommunications Engineering
  • Helm Technology Inc/ Sales Manager
  • TECA/ President
General Manager/ CEO Republic of China Kevin Chen Male
  • Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology / Department of Textile Engineering
  • Chant Sincere Co. Ltd./ Assistant Vice President
Department Business
Auditing Dept.
  • Establish, revise, and audit internal control-related regulations. Inspect and evaluate the implementation of the internal control system, and provide analysis, evaluation, and recommendations.
Performance Evaluation Department We integrate the company's operational objectives with performance goals, establishing appropriate management mechanisms and conducting assessments and reporting. Additionally, we are responsible for investment planning, risk assessment, and implementing risk control measures.
Sales Business Units
  • Expansion of markets, market research, customer credit investigation, product price analysis, quotation, and related business, etc. Sales of high-frequency connectors, power and energy, medical and industrial, embedded systems, and other related products.
Interconnection Business Div.
  • Focusing on the R&D of high-frequency connectors, the enhancement of production techniques, and the engineering management of power and energy-related products. Our mission is to be the leading provider of high-speed transmission and power energy integration solutions, aiming to increase our market presence and optimize the group's profits.
System Integration Business Div. 
  • System Integration is devoted to the research and development of products in the medical, industrial, communication, transportation, and aerospace sectors. By improving production technology and engineering management, we enhance product quality and minimize costs. Our goal is to become a leading provider of integrated solutions.
Thermal Solution Business Div.
  • Conduct research and development of Thermal Solution products, upgrade production technology, and oversee project management to boost product quality while minimizing costs. Aim to become a premier provider of Thermal Solutions, broaden market influence, and generate maximum profits for the group.
Innovation R/D Div.
  • Unify the product development process across the group. Develop and research new technologies and materials. Integrate internal and external resources. Product development and design within the group.
Production Div.
  • Production and sales of high-speed connectors, power and energy systems-related products, medical and industrial-related products, embedded systems, and other products. Supplier and customer relationship management, assistance in market development.
Quality Assurance Div.
  • Establish, maintain, and revise quality systems across the group; product quality specification, inspection, monitoring, and risk control. Manage external supply chain, handle customer complaints and prevent a recurrence, establish product reliability verification, and introduce external quality management system.
Finance Management Div.
  • Planning and management of finance, investment, and accounting across the group.
  • Planning and management of shareholders' meetings, board of directors, stock affairs, etc.
Resource Service Div.
  • Human resource management, internal training, attendance management, and administrative affairs. Information system planning, security control, and management. Brand marketing, product marketing, cross-departmental business information provision, and business intelligence management.

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