Corporate Strategy for Climate Change Response and Greenhouse Gas Management

  1. Adopting ISO 50001 for enhanced energy management and performance.
  2. Educating employees on ESG principles for better energy conservation.
  3. Adhering to energy and environmental regulations.
  4. Optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste for environmental benefit.
  5. Transparently sharing our energy and eco-friendly policies.
  6. Developing carbon footprint-certified products to combat global warming.
  7. Creating a regulatory team to track energy and emissions regulations globally.
Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction 

Post ISO 14001-1 certification, we'll target a 0.5% yearly reduction in electricity use to progress as an eco-friendly business with lower pollution and energy consumption.

Corporate Budget and Plan for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Implementing energy-saving upgrades and process optimizations, offering incentives for eco-friendly commuting, sourcing from green suppliers, maintaining certifications and education, digitizing workflows, and promoting energy conservation practices.

Corporate Products/Services: Impact on Customer Carbon Reduction
  1. Shifting to eco-friendly designs and developing low-energy products for carbon reduction.
  2. Ensuring our supply chain adheres to global environmental standards to lessen climate change impacts.
  3. Reducing product packaging to minimize waste.
  4. Venturing into green energy solutions to support customer needs.
  5. Aiming to certify product carbon footprints for increased global market competitiveness.
Annual Performance Review: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Environmental Aspect Data/Information for 2021 Data/Information for 2022

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tonnes CO2e)

19.029 / Parent Company 12.7387 / Parent Company

Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tonnes CO2e)

207.869 / Parent Company 2121.2271 / Parent Company

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Direct and Indirect (tonnes CO2e)

226.898/ Parent Company 2133.966/ Parent Company
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Utilization Rate Enhancing Energy Use Efficiency Policy on the Use of Recycled Materials
Guangzhou, China Plant Establishes Photovoltaic Power Generation Adhering to and Continuously Monitoring Energy Regulations and Acquiring ISO 50001 Certification Actively Developing and Designing Related Products and Seeking Supply Chains with Relevant Capabilities

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