Information Security Policy and Objectives of Management

Nextron integrates information security objectives across all departments to establish the following overall information security policy objectives:

  1. Protect our business activities' information and prevent unauthorized access, ensuring confidentiality.
  2. Protect our business activities' information and prevent unauthorized modifications, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  3. Establish a sustainable operation plan for the information business to maintain the continuous operation of our company's business, ensuring availability.
  4. Our business operations comply with relevant legal requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance.

To achieve the four information security policy objectives, the following resources have been invested :

  1. Establishing a remote backup data center and disaster recovery plans for critical systems, and control risks through firewall updates and domain segmentation.
  2. Using backup management software, VPN authentication, and encryption software to ensure the immediacy and integrity of data backups.
  3. The primary remote sites are connected via dedicated lines and use internationally recognized cloud service providers for email and website services to minimize intrusion risks.
  4. There is one information security manager and two staff members responsible for various aspects of information security, such as design, operations, monitoring, incident response, investigation, and policy review and revision.

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