Integrity Management and Professional Ethics

Nextron values fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency in all its business activities. We carefully choose our transaction partners based on their legality and reputation. Contracts should include a commitment to our policy of conducting business with integrity.

Nextron and its directors, managers, employees, assignees, and substantial controllers are not allowed to directly or indirectly provide, promise, request, or accept any form of improper benefits, including kickbacks, commissions, facilitation fees, or other means of offering or receiving improper advantages to or from customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, public officials, or other stakeholders while performing their duties.

At board meetings, directors, managers, other interested parties or participants must disclose any information that may affect their personal or corporate interests. If there is a risk of harm to the company's interests, they should not participate in the discussion or vote by recusing themselves. They cannot act as proxies for other directors. Directors should also exercise self-discipline and not provide undue support to one another.

Attached File: Integrity and Business Performance Report

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