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Communication Solutions

Nextron has been accumulating technology patents for more than 30 years, providing solutions for switches, communication equipment, and network cards through backplane connectors, high-speed I/O connectors, and communication sub-systems. Therefore, we can meet the needs of the 5G network or the high-speed data transmission triggered by AI effectively.
Nextron also provides thermal solutions for communication equipment from the component to the system level. Different from other providers, we have a deep understanding of the thermal challenges that switches and servers faced in limited space. Nextron offers a one-stop solution to meet your signal transmission, mechanical and thermal needs.
Telecom Infrastructure Provider
Telecommunications transmission is an essential infrastructure, carrying a large amount of information. Therefore,  ensuring stability and reliability is the top priority for the equipment, and that’s one of the strengths of Nextron.
Nextron offers a complete solution from fronthaul to the core network. Starting by developing the backplane solutions, we have created a wide range of product lines including 1G~400G optical communication connectors, 5G mid-haul and various types of chassis. Currently, Nextron's products have been adopted by three-quarters of the world's major telecom equipment giants.
High-speed Data Transmission
Data center plays a vital role in the enterprise. As the backbone of the digital world, its transmission speed requirement is increasing day by day. The transmission rates of the high-speed computing data centers had migrated from 100G and 200G to 400G and InfiniBand EDR specifications to 800 Gb and beyond. 
Nextron combines high-speed transmission and thermal solutions to meet the needs of high-speed computing. Expanding from the mass production of 400G solutions, we have invested in QSFP112-DD and developed different solutions including air cooling, water cooling, and ways to solve the problems in thermal engineering of 15 watts or even higher power consumption by multiple materials.


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