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Compact Thermal Solution for mmWave Radar
10 Mar 2021

Compact Thermal Solution for mmWave Radar

As an essential part of future transportation, mmWave radar detects nearby objects and provides the range, velocity and angle of these objects.
However, the designer has to balance high power consumption chipsets and antenna in small form factor design. The temperature could easily over 100°C safe operating limits.
With several years of heat dissipation experience, our unique sheet metal heat sink design for thermal hotspot can lower temperature effectively while ensuring antenna radiation pattern. Additionally, the design is carefully handled so that users are not scalded by the device.
The experienced in-house simulation team provides several thermal solutions with CFD software, identifying the best solution for different devices. The accuracy of simulations is up to 99%.
We are capable of optimizing the original heat dissipation design with cost-efficient options. Additionally, we could also provide extra features such as waterproof structures.
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