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Company Cultural Activity
19 Sep 2017

How long has it been since you picked up the wriiting brush to write the calligraphy? The venue is full of laughter and joy,the colleagues picked up the writing brush seriously and bluntly.

In August, 2017, we held an event to cultivate the company’s philosophy by bruch writing and painting.

The competition was divided into four groups:

  AThe participants to write the calligraphy for the subject “Innovation and Evolution”

  BThe participants to copy the calligraphy of CEO for the subject”Like-Minded”.

  CThe participants to paint the concept for “Business Model Canvas”.

  DThe participants to paint the concept for “TPS/LEAN manufacturing”.

The competition generated total 70 pieces of work which show the innovative masterpiece from all the colleagues. The chairman and the general manager have selected the excellent works to award the winners as well as highlight the company’s culture. The winner goes to:

Item 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Honorable mention
Innovation and Evolution Mr.Percy Ms.Milly Ms.Greta Ms.Ella、Ms.Kiki
Like-Minded Ms.Milly Mr.Frank Chang Ms.Margaret Mr.Rick、Ms .Jenny Tai、Ms .Jenny Chang
Business Model Canvas Mr.Waldo Ms.Alexis Mr.Kyle  
TPS/LEAN manufacturing Mr.Frank Chang Mr.Nelson Mr.Miles Mr.Alan、Mr.Dan


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