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Nextron cares a lot about community development
28 Mar 2017

One day in April of 2017, Nextron was invited by Donghu community development association for a short tour to the Donghu sakura trail

When it comes to sakura blossom viewing, people usually don't know Donghu is a right place to go. After the news reported Donghu is a secret spot for sakara blossom viewing, the number of the tourist is on the increase.

The Sakura trees along the trail were planted one by one under the help of the Donghu community development association.

Donghu community development association was founded by retired people who live nearby. They spend a lot of time and money for building the sakura trail.                                                  

As one of the volunteer, a grandma, said that even if she can’t see full blossom of the sakura trees along the trail a few decades later herself, she still want to plant sakura trees to show the beautiful scene to her offspring.

Nextronics is really thankful for the invitation to the sakura trail by Donghu development community.In the tour we know the hardworking of these volunteer, we really appreciate their time and energy.

In the future, we Nextronics should also instill more efforts to let our community nearby a better place to live.


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