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2016 Nextronics Excellence Annual Meeting
02 Sep 2016

The annual “excellent” conference was taken place on August 30rd, 2016.

This conference was initiated by our president / CEO Mr. Stephen Hsu and general manager Mr. Kevin Chen. They realized that the recent electronics market and business model had been faster and more capricious. If an enterprise is yet operated with conservative and conventional method, it will soon be eliminated from the market.

Being worried, Mr. Hsu started to observe the status quo, and elaborated a new company organization model, seeking improvement and reform. Only in this way can Nextronics become the hidden champion of the electronics industry as a new-generation connector company.


Imagine what will the business model of Nextronics be in a few years?

Will we become the leader of the industry?

What will our future rivals do?

To deal with the unpredictable industry, Mr. Hsu prepared information and data based on his own experience and shared with the Nextronics group.



Focusing on the three major future product lines, launching new industry and new products, and thinking of new strategies are for INNOVATION.

  • High speed I/O “The leader of customization. The provider of solution.”
  • Circular connectors “Build a medical ecosystem platform.”
  • PICMG “Target focusing. Strategic alliance. Minus thinking.”

Having rule of law, organization, system, and vision as the team mission are for LIKE-MINDED.

 Top 20% of Taiwan over-the-counter (OTC) and listed companies corporate governance with complete regulation system.

 Functional organization. Clear responsibility: Product Manager System.

 Systematic design is the responsibility and assurance of execution result vs. Form and procedure (Nextronics unique system)  

 Global hidden champion.  

Innovative thinking is a must for leading in a changeable environment.    

To make self-breakthrough, we don’t need to fight alone.

Nextronics leads all like-minded partners to experience excellence and build brand new future together.

In the future, the “excellent” conference will be continued. Mr. Hsu expects Nextronics to improve in this way, keeping the spirits of Nextron family.


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