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09 May 2014

Nextronics successfully joined CDFP MSA in May, 2014. CDFP is the I/O and cable specification for 400Gbps data rate.  Similar to QSFP and CXP modules, port width is close to CFP4. CDFP uses 166x25Gbps differential signals to reach the highest 400Gbps data rate in the market. The expectation is that 11 pluggable modules will fit on a printed circuit board, and that could be doubled using a double-mounted 'belly-to-belly" PCB design. First generation of CDFP shall be ready in 2016.  Nextronics’ R&D team is utilizing its design and simulation technologies to develop the connector and cage products according to CDFP specification.  We expect to supply the products to the market in short future.


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