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The Most Flexible Press-fit Machine: LPM3 Mini
07 Apr 2023

Nextron launched LPM3 mini press-fit machine, retaining the widely praised advantages of LPM3 with a smaller size and lighter weight. It can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of the production line, making the process smoother. Also, it is suitable for most industrial PCB sizes while having a good value for money.
LPM3 Mini allows remote computers to access or upload work results via a network cable. It also provides a variety of optional programs for production management to optimize the pressing-fit process. In addition, LPM3 Mini has the full-featured software of LPM3 while equipped with a touch screen, and it can also be flexibly deployed based on your demands, with options for grating, a larger press-fit head, a point-type laser marking device, and an uninterruptible power supply system, etc. 
When you need a press-fit machine that can meet sudden orders or occasional needs, LPM3 mini is your best choice. It can seamlessly integrate your production line with personnel scheduling. If you already have LPM3, the same program, formula information, and shareable fixtures will save you a lot of costs!
  • X/Y-Table Locates:Manual 
  • PCB Uploads:Manual 
  • Connector Inserts:Manual 
  • Press-Fit Distance Accuracy:±0.04 mm
  • Press-Fit Repeat  Accuracy:±0.02 mm
  • Height Of Operating Space:Approx. 130 mm
  • Press-Fit Distance:Approx. 100 mm
  • Instant Press-Fit Monitoring  Curve: 50 Times/s
  • Separate Press Cycle: 5 Stages
Machine Information
Machine Type
LPM3 Mini
AC 220V , 60Hz
Machine Size
Machine Weight
354 kgs
Press Force
1T (9.8KN) ~ 3T (29KN)
Optional Equipment
Optional for Machine
  • Workspace Light, 
  • Point-Type Laser Marking Device, 
  • Grating, 
  • Grating Shield, 
  • Larger Press-fit Head, 
  • Manual Positioning Set,  
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply system, 
  • Porous Pad Assembly.

Optional for Production
  • Press-fit Fixtures, 
  • Connector Extracting Fixture, 
  • PCB Test Pins, 
  • Pressure Sensitive Paper

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