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Connection Systems for New Minimally Invasive Surgery Technologies
29 Sep 2022

With its multiple advantages, minimally invasive surgeries are now broadly accepted by surgeons worldwide. Compared to conventional open surgeries, minimally invasive surgeries caused less damage to the patients’ body and has the advantage of smaller scarring, quicker recovery, lesser pain and increased accuracy.
The advancement of technology has led to a major step forward in the minimally invasive surgery field, including breakthroughs in pulsed-field ablation (PFA) for cardiac ablation, high-resolution single use endoscopes and surgery robotic systems.
Nextron owns a complete series of standardized connector products that has been adopted by multiple medical device brands. With more than 20 years in the field, Nextron is capable of leveraging cross domain technologies to fulfill the needs of advanced medical equipment including minimally invasive surgery devices.
Pulsed-field ablation (PFA) for cardiac ablation

Compared to traditional radiofrequency ablation in cardiovascular surgeries, the latest pulsed field ablation (PFA) technique utilizes multiple short duration, high voltage electrical pulses to release energy, allowing more precisionwithout damaging surrounding body tissues and dramatically reduce operative time to one hour.


To meet the needs of PFA equipment, connection systems should be able to deliver high power while ensuring safety. Nextron’s high voltage connection solution is a customizable 2000-5000VDC solution designed under IEC 60664-4 standard. This reliable solution has been adopted by multiple PFA equipment brands.

  • High Voltage SolutionIEC 60664-4, 500KHZ high frequency, high voltage 3000VDC, durability >1000cycles.
High Resolution Single Use Endoscope
Rising concerns regarding potential risks of cross contamination is driving preference for single-use endoscopes. Compared to its conventional counterpart, there is no need for complex and expensive sterilization.
Leading endoscopy manufacturers such as Olympus, Boston Scientific and professional single-use endoscopy brand Ambu are promoting the trend of these single-use devices.
Aside from biocompatibility and cost, image transmission quality is also key to endoscopes. 4K/8K high resolution is indispensable to assist surgeons rule out diseases.
NXMed is a cost-effective single-use connection solution featuring outstanding image transmission quality (Max. transmission speed 10Gpbs/s) with cable available for selection. It is an ideal solution for disposable electrosurgical devices.

  • NXMed Series:  High density, high speed, multiple connection options, cost-effective.
Robotic-Assisted Surgery
Featuring convenient unlocking, Nextron’s Chameleon Series is a patented connector that provides up to 300V voltage. The bidirectional releasable design simplifies operations. The plastic version is a more compact and light-weight solution designed for medical applications.
By working closely with the world's leading medical device brands, Nextron provides reliable and innovative connectivity solutions for the advanced medical field.

  • Chameleon Series: Bidirectional releasing or bayonet with auto-coupling, high-density, high voltage, light weight.
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