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How to Choose the Perfect Connection Solution for Micromobility Battery Swap System
24 Jun 2022

Micromobility is no longer a future trend, it is happening right now.
While resolving traffic congestion and providing possibility to low-cost personal transportation with shared services, some of the biggest benefits of micromobility lies in its positive impacts on environment.
By replacing fuel-consuming vehicles with these electronically powered devices, greenhouse gas emissions could be cut significantly. A report from Ujet and Sustainability shows that replacing 8% of road vehicles with electric options can reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.
To keep micromobility vehicles function smoothly and ensure safety, efficiency and stability of its swappable battery system is key. In this article, we will discover 5 important factors that makes the connection system of a battery swap system successful.
Reduction in Size to Match Battery Design
Like all vehicles, the agility of micromobility devices are important so as the size and weight of swappable batteries. To fit in the compactly designed battery packs, connectors should also be minimalized in size while matching the number of pins of customers’ requirement.
Guided Insertion
While in outdoor conditions, users may encounter difficulties when trying to charge their vehicles. A design that ensures proper connection of batter to vehicle or charging gun to vehicle is essential. With good design of chamfer, the battery or charging gun could be inserted successfully and safely even upto 30∘to 45∘angle.
Charging Efficiency at Battery Swapping Stations
Charging efficiency is priority, especially for shared micromobility vehicles. For fast charging to be realized, the connection system should be capable of transferring high current while ensuring safety.
The Solution Should be Cost-Effective
Battery packs are massively produced items so the product should be cost-effective. As for the connector, a good choice of material and smart design that reduce the cost of tooling and production could significantly reduce the cost of connection system.
Safety is Always First
Failure in battery safety and quality can result in electrical leakage, fire or even body injury. The performance of battery packs and charging process should be carefully monitored before launching to prevent incidents.
Nextron has been designing multiple micromobility battery connectors for the world’s major electric vehicle manufacturers. From e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles to ev chargers, Nextron’s highly customizable products are trusted by clients worldwide.
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