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3 Breakthroughs that Brings LiDAR Technology Closer to Our Lives
27 May 2022
Before achieving the ultimate goal of Level 5 autonomous cars, LiDARs are already assisting ADAS systems of public transportation, heavy commercial trucks, Robotaxis, and many other vehicles.
Aside from applications in automobiles, LiDARs are also massively applied in mobile robots indoor and outdoor, and even in traffic control systems. In this article, we will focus on 3 breakthroughs that has brought LiDAR closer to our daily lives.
Improved Perception Range: Larger and Wider
The latest LiDAR product could detect objects up to 200 meters away to closer objects around 0.1 meter and support safe stopping distances at highway speeds. For mobile robots, it also has a broad 32∘vertical field of view (FOV) and enhanced horizontal FOV. The improved perception range ensures LiDAR to complete their mission to assist safe navigation around complex environments.
In addition, with increased detection capability, there is a potential to replace multiple sensors with only one LiDAR, saving cost for mass production.
Improved Design for Any Environmental Conditions
Latest LiDARs are equipped with groundbreaking optical chip. With 8 lidar channels miniaturized to the size of a penny, it consumes less power while bringing in more stability compared to traditional mechanical structure, improving the sensor’s adaptability to different road conditions.
Latest LiDAR sensors are also developed under industrial standards to cater the needs of industrial robots, which means the sensor could survive not only extreme temperatures but also different humidity levels, with IP67 waterproof level. The sensors are also resistant to high vibration or shock.
And since LiDARs are their own light sources, they could operate perfectly in the dark. Whether indoor, outdoor, day or night, LiDAR sensors are ready for all environmental conditions.
Less Power Consumption
While upgraded with exceptional perception ability, the latest LiDAR also consumes only 11 watts of power, lesser than its precedents. Less power consumption means longer operation time and also reduction in heat load.
Nextron’s SPE series
For these powerful sensing devices to unleash their potential, new connecting system should also be adapted not only to address space limitation but also high vibration and environmental challenges. Stability and efficiency of real-time data transmission of the connection system is also indispensable. Nextron’s SPE series is a perfect choice to accomplish this mission.
The greatest value of hybrid SPE connectors comes with its ability to carry 8A and 1Gbit/s signal in one M8 size connector, significantly reducing cable weight and cost. Nextron’s exclusive quick locking design of the SPE connector makes it fast and easy to embed your product on any devices.

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