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Robotic Connector
01 Mar 2022

Robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence have been assisting the work of human more than ever, and we all know their influence will not stop to increase in the future.
Nextron’s robotic connectors have been adopted by the world’s leading brands in their transformation of smart automation. No matter in industrial, medical, outdoor or domestic settings, Nextron got the perfect solution.
Delivery Robots
One of the largest demands of robots comes from outdoor delivery. To serve the needs of these well-traveled deliverers, Nextron’s robotic connectors for delivery robots such as the Micro D Series are compact, lightweight and demonstrate outstanding anti-vibration ability. For larger power supply needs, NEWT Series provides 7A output current. These products are widely adopted by delivery robots on the roads.
For advanced applications such as drones, the Iguana Series are designed to fight harsh weather conditions with its electroplated coating, IP67 water tightness and anti-loosening design.

  • Micro-D SeriesAnti-vibration, compact, lightweight

  • Iguana Series:   Anti-vibration, compact, lightweight, anti-loosening, IP67, weather resistant

  • NEWT Series:    High power and signal transmission

Industrial Robots
Robotic arms are now commonly seen in factories of all kinds of industries. The vibration resistant Micro Series that ensures stable signal transmission during operation are perfect for such applications.
The patented bidirectional-releasable Chameleon Series which allows easy blind-mating could be a great choice for devices such as industrial exoskeletons.

  • Micro Series:  Anti-vibration, stable signal transmission

  • Chameleon Series: Ruggedized, patented Bidirectional Release System, easy blind-mating

Medical Robots
Featuring excellent signal transmission stability, the push-pull 1P Series connectors can be unlocked easily, facilitating equipment maintenance. The series can be seen in dental implant surgery robots.

  • 1P Series: Stable signal transmission, easy unlocking

Vision and Optical Systems
Finally, vision and optical systems play an important role in autonomous technology. Gecko HD Series supports HDMI signals, 8A current, USB 3.0 connections and is IP68 waterproof for image transmission underwater.

Domestic Robots:
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