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Nextron Charging Connector Solutions for Micromobility
29 Nov 2021
One of the main challenges micromobility devices, such as e-bike, e-scooter and moped has been facing is the design of charging systems; the battery pack should be lightweight and waterproof with blind mating design to avoid damage caused by unproper insertion.
To solve the above mentioned problem and to ensure stable signal transmission on bumpy roads, Nextron has multiple ready charging solutions with unique floating designs: battery swapping solution with x, y floating range of 2mm, and larger charging module with x, y floating range upto10mm. Both designs features anti-vibration, waterproof, controllable inserting/extraction force and low contact resistance.
Regarding contact design, aside from the commonly seen crown spring, Nextron adopts blade type connectors ,which is not only a more cost-efficient option for devices such as e-bikes and mopeds, but also allows slide insertion that could cause damage to crown springs.
Blade type connectors could provide 30A current or more, with 10,000 insertion cycles. Contact resistance is lower than crown spring due to larger contact area.
  • High Current
  • Max. Weight : 6kg 
  • Foolproof  
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-Vibration
Technical Characteristics
Mechanical Data:
Mating Force
Un-mating Force
Resistance Pull Force
Mating Cycles
5,000 cycles for plug; 5,000 cycles for receptacle.
Contact Retention Force Released from Housing
2.5kg.f MIN.; EIA-364-13
Frequency 10~500Hz time 3hrs per axis acceleration 10g; EIA-364-28
100 g amplitude, half sine pulse of 3 ms, no discontinuity > 1 us; EIA-364-28
Electrical Data:
Operating Voltage
Dielectric Voltage
150 V DC; EIA-364-20
Contact Resistance
< 20 mΩ; EIA-364-23
Insulation Resistance
> 100 MΩ; EIA-364-21
Rated Current
35A (power pin); UL1977
Mechanical Data:
Operating Temperature
–30°C to +70°C
IP Level
IP67 (Mating); IEC 60529
Thermal Shock
–55°C to +85°C; EIA 364-32
Humidity Cycle
+25°C to +65°C; EIA-364-31
Wire Size: Main contacts: Power pin 9 AWG Max.; Other contacts: Signal pin 20 AWG Max.
  • ebike
  • Electric locomotive 

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