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Nextron 400G Solutions
27 Jul 2021

The establishment of 5G has been driven by the growing number of devices requiring high speed data transmission/large bandwidth internet access/low-latency, including industries such as AIoT, edge-computing, broadband mobile service, VR/AR, autonomous vehicle's V2X and more.
As an interconnection solution provider of 5G infrastructure, Nextron has years of design experience in high-speed, signal integrity, heat dissipation, rugged and mechanical along with high-precision manufacturing capabilities, which together allow us to provide reliable solutions for our customers.
Our broad portfolio of high-speed I/O connectors and cages are designed for AAU all the way to CN (Core Networks), covering from 1G to 400G with 800G in development. From AAU to DU/CU, Nextron's SFP families can support up to 50G while data rate can reach up to 400G for backhaul transmission. Physical issues related to ever-increasing high-speed communication, such as heat dissipation and signal integrity, are what we have been investing to enhance in order to satisfy industry future standard.
Nextron High Speed I/O Roadmap
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