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Power Systems

   Electric drive technology is facing a turning point. In addition to the replacement of fuel energy, electric transportation applications are rapidly expanding. Nextron has been actively shifting its focus and approaching hybrid and electric vehicle markets. Our connector, terminal and cable harness products will reliably deliver power and steadily move your EVs forward.

Photo Product Series Technical Data

4.0mm Connector<
Docking method: board to wire
Number of pin: 8P, 14P, 23P, 35P
Current: 5A~8A
Male on board: SMT(180°& 90 °)
Female on wire: 180°cable outlet
Wire AWG16~20
IP Standard: IP67 for standard and IP68 for improved version.
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+105 ℃

Power Terminal
Contact Way :Board to Wire
PCB mounting:Press-fit 、SMT
NO. of pins:Press-fit :4、8、10 (Sinle-row)
                      SMT      :6、10 (Sinle-row)
Thread Specification:M3、M4、6-32UNC
current:Max to 40A

Power Element
Type :Press-fit
NO. of pins: 4、9、16、25、36 (Sinle-row)
Thread Specification:M3、M4、M5、M6、M8、M10
Current:Max to 340A@20℃
Operating Temperature Range  :-55℃~+150 ℃

STC 1.27mm Series
Docking method: board to board, board to wire
Pitch: 1.27mm
Number of pin: 2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X13, 2X16,
                             2X20, 2X25, 2X34, 2X40
Current: 1A
Male on board: SMT(180°&90 °)
               Height options 6.70, 8.20, 9.90mm for 180 °.
Female on board: SMT(180°&90 °)
          Height options 6.20, 9.00, 13.60mm for 180 °.
Operating Temperature: -55℃~+125 ℃

SBC 2.54mm Series
Docking method: board to wire
Number of pin: Single row 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 8
                         Double row 2x5, 2x10
Current: 12A / pin @20℃
Male connector on board: SMT(180°& 90 °)
Female connector on wire: Crimp(180 °cable outlet)
Wire: AWG 18、20、22、24、26
Color:  black, blue, green, red
Operating temperature: -55℃~+150 ℃


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