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Data transmission system

Nextron’s technology supports in-vehicle applications including network cables, connectors, media modules, switches and other products with high requirements for security, stability and data transmission. Nextron’s product portfolio offers excellent bandwidth and signal integrity to support a variety of systems and signal protocols. With abundant experience in high speed connector design and manufacturing, our technology will certainly satisfy the requirements of large data transfer demanded by navigation systems and autonomous vehicles.

Photo Product Name Technical Data

SIC 2.0mm Board to Wire

Docking method: board to wire
Number of pin:  Single row 2、3、4、5、6、8、10、12
Current:5A / pin @20℃
Male connector on board: SMT(180°& 90 °)
Female connector on wire: Crimping(180 ° cable outlet)
Wire: AWG 22, 24
Operating Temperature: -55℃~+125 ℃

FAKRA Connector


Customization  Board to Wire

Total 19 Contact Contact
 • 4 for Power (18 AWG) 
 • 6 pairs for Signal(26 AWG)
 • 3 for Ground(26 AWG)
Voltage:24V DC
Signal speed:10 Gbps (CAT 5a)
Operating Temperature Range:-55℃ ~ +125℃


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