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Auxiliary System

  Safety is always the top priority in vehicle design. Various Driver-assistance systems such as AEB, ADAS, LiDARand Autonomous Vehicle Technology have been continuously improved to elevate driving safety in recent years.

  Facing the complexity of camera imaging and signal processing while maintaining compliance with vibration, thermal dissipation, waterproof and EMI protection requirements, Nextron has dedicated to realizing safer driving experience by working with world-class brands to develop new solutions for next generation products from high speed connector and cable design to system integration planning.

Photo Product Name Technical Data

2.2mm Connector (Non-Water Proof) series

Docking method: board to wire
Pitch: 2.20mm
Number of pin: 12P, 16P, 20P, 24P, 28P,
                             32P, 36P, 40P
Current: 3A
Male on board: SMT(180°& 90 °)
Female on wire: Crimp(180 ° cable outlet)
Wire: AWG 18、20
Operating Temperature: -40℃~+85 ℃

STC 1.27mm Series

Docking method: board to board, board to wire
Pitch: 1.27mm<
Number of pin: 2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X13, 2X16,
                             2X20, 2X25, 2X34, 2X40
Current: 1A
Male on board: SMT(180°&90 °)
               Height options 6.70, 8.20, 9.90mm for 180 °.
Female on board: SMT(180°&90 °)
          Height options 6.20, 9.00, 13.60mm for 180 °.
Operating Temperature: -55℃~+125 ℃

Customization  Board to Wire
Total 19 Contact Contact
 • 4 for Power (18 AWG) 
 • 6 pairs for Signal(26 AWG)
 • 3 for Ground(26 AWG)
Voltage:24V DC
Signal speed:10 Gbps (CAT 5a)
Operating Temperature Range:-55℃ ~ +125℃


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